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Liposuction | Best Liposuction In Los Angeles | LAMC

Liposuction, or lipoplasty, removes unwanted fat from sections of the body to help sculpt and shape them. It’s very effective at treating areas such as the abdomen, hips, buttocks, thighs and back which haven’t responded to traditional weight loss methods. And though liposuction is not meant to replace exercise and healthy eating, with determination and realistic expectations, patients can achieve their weight loss goals after the operation. The procedure is both safe and effective, with thousands of men and women each year receiving liposuction without any major complications.


As an outpatient surgery, it’s expected that you will return home the same day as your procedure. Leading up to the day of your liposuction, your surgeon will give specific instructions of how to prepare for surgery. You’ll receive information about eating, drinking, and which medications and vitamins to take or refrain from.

Local anesthesia with intravenous sedation is most commonly used for the procedure, but general anesthesia may be prescribed. Dr. Jayasinghe and his staff will monitor your vitals and physical condition throughout the operation as well as during your time spent in the recovery room. To conduct the operation, a straw-like tube called a cannula, is used to suction the fat out of the body. Each incision is strategically placed to be inconspicuous, leaving the area suctioned free of those specific fat cells.

The amount of time liposuction requires depends on the amount of fat and the size of the area where the cells are being extracted. When completed, the staff will administer a dressing that stays on for about three days. This compression garment will hold your skin tightly and keep the foam pads in place. Outcomes to liposuction are age-related and the state in which you began the surgery. Some soreness is normal following the procedure, depending upon the amount of fat that was removed. Discomfort often lasts for a few days, with the third day commonly being the most uncomfortable, but significant improvement should quickly follow afterward.

After the procedure, LAMC advises their patients to exert themselves only to where they are comfortable, including walking around the house or an errand or two. By the third or fourth day, some can return to work if desired, and resume normal activities after two weeks. The results will become more apparent with time and by exercising regularly and eating a healthy diet, you can maintain your newly improved figure.

Disclaimer: Results vary, patients may achieve different cosmetic and weight loss results depending on body type, medical history, selected procedure and a variety of other factors. One patient’s success as shown by before and after pictures in no way guarantees similar results for other prospective patients.
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