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Varicose Veins Diet Treatment | Los Angeles | LAMC

Varicose vein treatment focuses on alleviating the soreness and dealing with many other complications related to this condition. This disease is cured with Sclerotherapy, a specific medical system to inject the saline solution into the vein. Another way of healing is to wear soft compression stockings to reduce the soreness. You should not sit down or stand in one situation for long periods. There are some other cases where the surgical procedure is required. Also, a diet change, daily exercise, and weight loss can aid to cure varicose veins.

It is vital to pick foods wisely to reduce the pain and avoid spider veins. Here is the list of foods that you need to evade to cure varicose veins fast.


High consumption of refined sugar causes obesity and makes you prone to many other health problems. Refined sugar has low fiber quantity that can direct to constipation.


Alcohol can cause increased levels of insulin release just like foods with higher carbohydrate and sugar quantity. Alcohol can disturb the way a body runs blood since it attacks the aptitude of the liver to eliminate toxins in the blood accurately. It causes thickness in the blood and makes it sticky, deteriorating the leg vein. Thus, this condition makes it difficult for a varicose vein to get cured soon.

Refined grains

Fiber is essential in the construction of the vein wall, and correct blood transmission in the body as fiber averts constipation and blood clot structure. Unrefined grains are thought to be excellent for the varicose condition. However, refined grains lose their fiber content. Foods such as white rice, refined pasta, and other refined grains should not be used.

Green Vegetables

An excess of vitamin K in the body can cause thickness and clots in the blood. It slows down the blood flow in different body parts including the leg. People who want a fast treatment for varicose veins should avoid kale, spinach, cauliflowers and collard greens.

Soy Sauce

If you want to have a healthy vascular system, you must preserve the low level of potassium and sodium in the body. Thus, to keep away from high sodium levels, you need to restrict the Soy Sauce completely.

Salted Foods

Avoid high use of salted foods since salt can make varicose worse.

Whole Milk

Weight gain causes the strain on the lower veins of the legs. Thus, it increases the risk of the possibility of varicose veins. People suffering from varicose veins should avoid foods that help in gaining weight. You can eat nutritious and healthy foods, but keep a check on the calorie count. To stay away from weight gain, you need to avoid the intake of whole milk foods.

If you are looking for the treatment of varicose veins, consider scheduling your free consultation with LAMC today by calling (213) 353-1552.

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